Tips For a Single Person's Valentine's Day

Hello loves! It's the time of year where we celebrate all things love. Personally, I really like Valentine's Day, but I know that's not a hugely popular opinion. I know, it's easy to enjoy it when you're in a relationship, but even when I was single, I made sure to make it a day about … Continue reading Tips For a Single Person's Valentine's Day

Monthly Round-Up: January 2020

Happy February! Phew - January is finally over. We made it! It's so cliche to say, but hasn't January just gone on forever? I think I find January quite difficult because, once the whole new-year-new-me thing fizzles out, there's not a lot of excitement going on. Christmas is over, the dark mornings are getting colder, … Continue reading Monthly Round-Up: January 2020

2020 Goals

Hello my dears! I'm a big believer that speaking something into the universe makes you more accountable, so this week I thought I'd write down a list of all the things I want to do this year. They're not so much resolutions (because my resolutions are always variations of eat healthy, exercise more and drink … Continue reading 2020 Goals